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MTB or racing bike tours

The most popular routes on the Italian Riviera for cycling holidays

SIf you are a cyclist, you would certainly appreciate somewhere you can cycle almost all year round, combining the beauty of the sea with the challenge of arduous mountain climbs, offering breath-taking panoramas for snapshots that will make your friends green with envy.

It might seem impossible but that somewhere really exists and it’s called Liguria.

Unique climate, perfect for cycling

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Liguria - and the Italian Riviera above all, where Diano Marina is located - has a temperate climate that allows cycling even in the colder months, from the end of February to the end of November.

The world seen from the saddle

In Liguria the mountains fall steeply into the sea, offering truly breath-taking panoramas; the entroterra is rich in history with mountain villages, ancient salt roads or military roads and along the routes a variety of vegetation can be admired: Alpine meadows, woods, olive groves and vineyards. But on the horizon she is always there, the sea.

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Focaccia galore

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If you’re looking for routes to put your legs to the test, you’re in the right place. Indeed, in Liguria you will find a continuous alternation of climbs and descents of varying lengths and difficulty. Altitudes of more than 1000 metres can be reached, for an experience worthy of the most experienced cyclist.

Racing bikes

Diano Marina has been famous for road cycling since the 1950s, when cyclists came to the Italian Riviera for their winter training. Important events have also contributed to making the bond between Liguria and cycling increasingly strong. For example, fans will have no trouble remembering the most legendary climbs of the Milano-Sanremo.
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Hotel Raffy
Not to mention the most famous cycleway in Italy, completely paved and 24km long. The Ponente Ligure Cycleway is perfect for the less experienced cyclists, with its long flat route that runs along coastline, for an ideal amalgam of nature, beauty, health and relaxation.

Ideas for excursions on racing bikes

Besides these recommendations, you can contact us to personalise your experience!

Diano Marina on mountain bike

Where there are mountains there are climbs and where there are climbs there is always someone who is eager to climb them to relish the shot of adrenalin of rushing down the other side.

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This is even more sensational if the backdrop is the marvellous scenery of the Italian Riviera, and the Alta Via Dei Monti Liguri in particular. This route is more than 400 km long and runs through Liguria, from Ventimiglia to La Spezia, offering views of scattered forts and villages in a landscape enclosed between the mountains and the sea.

If you’re not an experienced cyclist but you don’t want to miss this spectacle, why not rent an e-bike; that is, a pedal assisted mountain bike.

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At Diano Marina fun on an MTB is also guaranteed at the Golfo Dianese bike park with its 6 trails and more than 200 km of dirt tracksfor Cross Country, Enduro, All Mountain and E-Bike riding, made even easier by the Bike Shuttle Service.
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This is the bike park where there is the Antenne route, the most famous of Diano Marina, because it has the legendary “Salto nel blu”, a panoramic descent with breath-taking view that is famous throughout Europe.

Ideas for Mountain Bike excursions

So many ways to have fun at your open air bike park!
To discover and enjoy this cyclists’ paradise to the full, you can count on the experience, hospitality and, above all, the many bike services of Hotel Raffy.
Discover them in detail or contact us for other information.
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Image Credits: intibrikki / Archivio Fotografico Agenzia in Liguria
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